April 2017

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Written for the 2017 Annual Meeting Reports Brochure

I’ve now been Assistant Curate at St. Mary’s for over 18 months and ministry has continued to deliver some glorious moments. The two highlights of this year have been being ordained priest and conducting my daughter’s wedding; both occasions made me so thankful to God for drawing me along this path, and to you for all your support.

Projects this year have included working to improve communication, obtaining and responding to church-wide feedback, the mission course, re-starting regular meetings for our Youth Group and the current PCC programme – PCC Tonight?

It’s also been great to be involved in Messy Church, BATS, the Mothers’ Union celebration service, our Lent and Advent Midweek Communion services, Youth Net (the inter-church youth group), Careplus (as a trustee) and the developing Bromley Three Faiths Group. We have also followed up on last year’s Lent programme on prayer and healing; five of us recently attended the Diocesan training course, Healing and Wholeness, to be able to offer prayer ministry at St. Mary’s. 

Academic work continues to be a challenge, because it interferes with the ministry I’d rather be doing, but this year part of our module was a non-parochial placement, so during December and January, I was delighted to spend time at the incredible Living Well at Holy Trinity Church, Beckenham, where vulnerable people are welcomed and valued in very practical ways. I look forward to incorporating that experience as we move forward, as a church, with our plans for mission.

When I wrote this report last year, the next big thing on the agenda was Corinne’s wedding. This year, the next thing surely has to be my new grandson’s Christening! What a joy that will be.

Every blessing,