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2017 Feedback

The survey to collect your feedback prior to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (to be held on 30th April) is now closed. The feedback was summarised and presented at the APCM. Specific points raised for consideration at the APCM (section 4 of the survey) were included in the meeting. The feedback is being reviewed in more depth by the PCC during May and June and will be shared with the congregation after that.


2016 Feedback

The feedback is summarised here and was reported to the PCC in May 2016. A summary was available in church and is still downloadable here.

The feedback about Lent and Easter was taken into account as the Ministry Team planned for the same period this year.

The remaining Anything Else? feedback was reviewed at the PCC meetings held in September and November 2016. A summary of that is available in church (February 2017) and is also downloadable here.