Twinkles Go Large

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The two council wards that cross the parish boundaries of St Mary’s Church both have a higher proportion of under 5s than Bromley and England as a whole:

England     6.3% of the population are under 5
Bromley 6.5% of the population are under 5
Plaistow and Sundridge council ward 7.4 % are under 5
Bromley Town council ward 7.7% are under 5


It is within this context that St Mary’s has developed its ministry to families with little ones. In a 4 year period Twinkles grew from 5 families to 39 families.

We have simply outgrown the space in which we meet, so we are wanting to adapt the space in the narthex to accommodate the growing numbers of parents and their little ones. This space is used during the service to engage babies and toddlers as they learn about and experience God’s love for them. It is here that experienced and trained leaders teach the children about God through the use of stories, singing, role play, crafts and sensory activities. Have a look at our Twinkles group page.

The most amazing thing is that we began our fundraising in June last year and by the end of November we had smashed our target of £35,000! We have, to date, secured over £36,500 to meet the costs of the building work involved. Yay - praise God! 


The PCC have agreed the contractor to undertake the building work and the submission to the Chancellor to grant the faculty (building permission) is being sent off this week. As part of this process we must give 28 days’ notice for anyone to submit their views to the Chancellor. The poster with this information on it is being displayed at the back of church and outside the church from 1st February until 28th February. The details are on the poster, of how to submit your views should you wish to do so.

Rachel Archer
Chair of TGL

Terms of Reference (downloads a pdf)