Twinkles Go Large

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Twinkles Go Large (TGL) Building Project



Revd Alan Keeler is the prime contact: 020 8460 1827 or email



SIW Builders have been chosen for this project.

They had estimated that they would start work on Monday 18th June.

They have later confirmed that they would start work on Monday 2nd July.

The “Preliminaries & General Particulars” are in the “Scope of Works, volume 1”

The “North Porch Alterations & South Porch ‘Twinkles’ Scheme” are in the “Scope of Works, volume 2”

The details of the building work to be done are in volume 2.

PCC members (2017/8) have been given copies of both volumes 1 and 2.

Members of the congregation can have copies if they request them.



The TGL Church Calendars for July and August are for communicating with:

- SIW Builders

- The Congregation

Copies are on a notice board in the west end of St. Mary’s Church.

Or, click on the links at the bottom of this page.

The calendars are copies from the St. Mary’s Calendar for July and August, except:

- They have been edited to have only events in the church during the building project by SIW.

- They can be printed, e.g. to be put onto a display board in St. Mary’ Church.

- They can be email attachments, e.g. for SIW.


Meetings – Past and Planned

April 24th TGL Working Party
May 22nd Communications  (TGL to be present at every weekly meeting until SIW have finished)
May 22nd  PCC
June 4th 4:00pm “Pre-Works” meeting with SIW
5:00pm Simon Williams of SIW introduced to users of the South and North Porches
8:00pm TGL Working Party
July 11th PCC

Further meetings of the TGL Working Party will be held as required.



This document and the TGL Church Calendars will be continually updated and placed on the website.

Listed copies will be placed on a display board in St. Mary’s Church.


Calendar for July                   Calendar for August                   TGL History