Sunday Worship

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Sunday Morning Worship

Every Sunday morning we meet for worship at 10.30am in church.

Sunday mornings are the main time during the week when most of the St. Mary's family worship together. Much of the time is joyful, but as in every family, there are times when sadnesses are shared. We are known as a friendly church and we would love as many as possible of the parish community to share in this treasure we have - the comfort of travelling through life together, with all its ups and downs, trying our best to apply what we are learning about our Christian faith (not always doing very well), but finding that God's grace truly is amazing, and that his peace changes our lives.

Holy Communion / Eucharist

On most Sundays we celebrate Holy Communion, also known as the Eucharist (thanksgiving). We stress that all ages are welcome. There are Sunday Clubs for children and young people and each group is also present for part of the service. We sing hymns and songs, supported by a robed choir.

Family Service

A Family Service is held once a month, usually on the second Sunday, but this does vary, so please check the calendar. All ages are present throughout and there's something in the service for everyone. There's no choir at this service, but music and singing is still an important part, and we have just introduced an excellent worship band for some of the songs.

Sunday Evening Worship


At 6.30pm on most Sunday evenings we make the most of St. Mary's renowned musical tradition through holding Evensong. This uses the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) service of Evening Prayer. Lots of people remember this from childhood and it offers an important spiritual anchor now. Held in the more intimate space of the chancel at St. Mary's, Evensong offers a time of reflection and peace. Full Choral Evensong is held once a month - again please see the calendar.

Holy Communion / Eucharist

When we have had a morning Family Service, usually every second Sunday of the month, the evening service is Holy Communion, again offering a peaceful time and space for worship and reflection.

Please note that all services and times are subject to change, so always refer to the calendar.