PCC Tonight?

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PCC Tonight?

Last year (2017) the PCC completed PCC Tonight? – a programme to help the PCC function better.

We also sought to improve communication, representation and the management of PCC meetings.


Session 1 - January 2017 - Why does the church exist?

To worship God and to work for his kingdom in the world
To encourage one another/build each other up in faith


Session 2 - March 2017 - Why does the PCC exist?

We created our own definition of the essence of our PCC here.


Session 3 - April 2017 - What is the best way to conduct our meetings?

We created a Code of Conduct here.


Session 4 - May 2017 - Reviewing church life - worship

Church Growth Research Report - From Anecdote to Evidence


Session 5 - June 2017 - Reviewing church life - mission


Session 6 - July 2017 - Reviewing church life - community