St. Mary's - What do you think? 2018

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Two years ago, we agreed that the PCC should seek feedback annually before each APCM. The responses each year have helped us shape life at St. Mary’s and address issues of concern. This year, as there were already a number of initiatives in progress, that have come out of previous feedback as well as from elsewhere, the scope of the questions was deliberately kept smaller. There were just two questions, one about the pew paper and the other about the APCM brochure. The questionnaire also provided the opportunity for you to list any questions or comments you would like to put to the APCM, and to comment on anything else of concern. 

As promised, APCM related feedback was covered at the APCM. All other responses were collated by the ministry team and presented to the PCC in May.

2018 Feedback - Summary of the Results (downloads a pdf)