Twinkles Go Large

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Twinkles Go Large (TGL)



Revd Alan Keeler is the prime contact: 020 8460 1827 or email


Building Project

SIW Builders were chosen for this project.
They started work on Monday 2nd July.
They finished work on 5th September.
The finished work has been checked by the architect, David Pullen.
Some documentation, etc. has not yet been completed by SIW.
Final payments have not yet been negotiated.

North Porch


Work was finished by 20th July.


South Porch
The work was completed on 5th September.

Specifications are in the “Scope of Works, volumes 1 and 2”.
Members of the congregation can have copies if they request them.


Other Work

Flooring in Twinkles Area and Toilet 
The carpet fitter, Richard Beegan, was chosen for this work.
This work was done on 4th - 5th September.

The joiner, Richard Horsford, has created and bought furniture as requested.
They were installed on 6th and 8th September.

Automated Doors
The installation by Gilgen was done on Tuesday 23rd October.
However, the automation had failed by Friday 26th October.
The automation was corrected on Tuesday 13th November.
The doors are now working in automated mode.

The Twinkles team have chosen other items, e.g. cushions, etc.


Meetings – Past and Planned

April 24th TGL Working Party
May 22nd Communications  (TGL to be present at every weekly meeting until SIW have finished)
May 22nd  PCC
June 4th 8:00pm TGL Working Party
July 10th PCC
August 9th TGL Working Party
August 22nd TGL Working Party
September 9th Service of Celebration
October 8th PCC

Further meetings of the TGL Working Party will be held as required.



This webpage was updated on Thursday 15th November.
A copy is on a display board in St. Mary’s Church.


TGL History