Sparklers is for Reception Year children

Once your child starts school in September it is time for them to make the transition from Twinkles to Sparklers. We acknowledge that this is a big step for little ones and we accompany them and you all the way. For the first month of the Autumn term we help all the children make a smooth transition, soon becoming fully-fledged Sparklers! Sparklers then start in Church House with all the other Sunday Clubs at 10.20am for a time of child led worship before going into Sparkler time.

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Just like Twinkles, Sparklers have their own space in church, right at the front to the front of the altar. Here you will find a carpetted area, with tables and chairs and a storage unit full of Biblical games, puzzles, activity sheets, pens and books for your child to use. There is plently of seating for you to sit here with your child as well.

All our Sunday Clubs follow the same teaching material from Scripture Union which is great if you have children in the different aged clubs as they'll all be learning about the same story and Biblical truth. Just like Twinkles have their Twinkle Time for teaching and learning so too do Sparklers.

Sparkler Time

Sparklers is for 4-5 year olds who are in Reception class at school.  We learn about God through arts and crafts, games and a bible story. It is full of fun and laughter and anybody is welcome.

Sparklers Leaders

Sarah Evans

"Hi I am Sarah Evans and I am a Leader for Sparklers. I’m also Mum to two teenage girls."