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Birth to 4 year olds

Twinkles is our baby and toddler pre-school Sunday club and we meet in the 'Twinkles Area' - an area of St. Mary's Church available during the 10.30am service every Sunday morning. This area is the south transept, the area to the right of the altar as you come into church.

We have set up this area to provide for the needs of families with babies and toddlers. You will find baby changing facilities in the toilet through the double doors. Please feel free to feed your baby whenever you need to throughout the service; it’s one of the reasons we have put a sofa in here! Toddlers and babies are encouraged to make use of the space in here and you’ll find age-appropriate biblical toys in the toy boxes as well as jigsaw puzzles for the older ones. There are plenty of bible story books for you to read to your child in the bookcase by the entrance to this area. We have a buggy park for pushchairs and prams and a secure gate to the area so that you can relax and not worry that your little one will make a dash/crawl towards the altar!

During the Gospel reading and sermon in the service we invite parents and their babies and toddlers to come and join us for Twinkle Time! This takes place through the double doors and is led by one of our Twinkle Leaders. During Twinkle Time there is singing, story telling, praying and a doing activity all based on that day’s bible reading. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to this time.

During Communion you are warmly invited to bring your child to the altar where they will be prayed for. Families with children in the older Sunday Clubs often all go up together at this point. After the service has finished do please stay and have a cup of coffee with us. This is served in the Twinkle area. It’s a great time to chat to other parents and be supported. We’ll help you to meet other parents and members of our church during this time.

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Twinkle Time

Want to see what Twinkles is really like? Have a look at our film. When we leave the Twinkle area during the sermon we go out through the double doors into our story room and follow this programme:

We sing hello to each other and welcome new people.
  We pull different objects out of the song bag to see which song to sing.
  We listen to a story from the Bible.
  We pull different objects out of the bag to say thank you to Jesus.
  We make something to take home to remind us of the story.
  We light a candle and pray, finishing with the Toddler's Lord Prayer.


Twinkle Leaders

  Anthia Page


Twinkle Grannies

We are really blessed in Twinkles to have 3 wonderful grannies who come and help us out every Sunday morning. They are there to listen, offer advice, give our little ones a cuddle, find the next hymn for us or anything else that would make our time in church easy.

Paula Dawe - Paula is mum to 3, grandmother to 5 and great grandmother to 2! So she certainly knows what family life is all about. Her top parenting tips are:
  1. Don't lash out (with your tongue) until you have thought for a quick moment how serious is their misdemeanour.

  2. Smile often.

  3. Faith – keep your faith as a foundation for your daily life.

  Julie Simon - Julie is mum to 2 and grandmother to 2. Julie has been a part of St Mary's for a long time and regularly helps at BATS; our baby and toddler group. Her top parenting tips are:
  1. Be kind but firm. Don’t offer too much choice – about anything!

  2. Teach awareness of and respect for others, young and old.

  3. Lessen the pressure from outside influences. Teach them to always try their hardest - that is enough.


Janet Wythe - Janet is mum to 3 and grandma to 6. So she has heaps of parenting experience; her top parenting tips are:

  1. Teach them by example and always to do their best.
  2. Give them time.
  3. Teach them how to pray.


We look forward to meeting you on Sunday morning!