11 - 18 year olds

"Lord, I want a chat.
You see, it's about life.
Mine specifically.
But also life in general.
It's recently dawned on me
that living isn't very easy,
And being a Christian doesn't always make it any easier!"

Extract from a prayer by David Gatward


Being a child of God, whatever age you are, isn't always easy, but teenage years can be really tough. At St. Mary's we take seriously the charge given by Jesus in Luke 9:48 to welcome young people, and we aim, through our youth work, to accompany young people on their journey with God. It's an exciting adventure and we would love you to join us, as we journey together to discover more and more about God's amazing love for us, and support one another along life's bumps and thrills and spills. Have a look at the different activities we have on offer:

Galactic Hobos

Worship Band

Youth Group


Sunday Club Co-ordinators

For more information about any of these activities, please contact Frances or Anthia:

Frances Boyden   020 8464 4086 Email
Anthia Page   020 8460 1960 Email


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