Galactic Hobos

Galatic Hobos: 11-18 year olds (Yrs 7-13)

During our Sunday morning worship we have a group for school years 7-13 to explore in more detail what the Bible has to say to us. We start in Church House at 10.20am for a time of worship with the younger Sunday Clubs and we help the younger ones to learn the songs and follow the prayers.

We then go off to our own room where our adult friends help us to explore an issue and see how it relates to our lives. We're often challenged by what God is saying to us through the Bible and what life is actually like in school or college. This group is a great place to have these discussions and work out our own thinking. We go back into church, along with the younger Sunday Clubs, at the Peace.

We all quite like sitting together where we get back into church although its fine to sit anywhere. We often help each other to find where we are in the service so we don't get lost!

Galatic Hobos Time

We use games, quizzes, what if stories, bible readings, dramas, prayer and much more to bring God and Jesus to life in our lives – answering those difficult questions and letting our faith grow in a fun and lively environment. We aim to get back into church for Communion.



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