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PRAYERS FOR Cop26 These prayers are taken from those prepared and offered by members of the Anglican Third Order of the Society of St Francis as part of our preparation for General Chapter, focusing on COP26 in November, & how it fits the bigger picture of caring for God’s Creation i n the footsteps of St Francis. The prayers are offered in the hope that both collectively and individually they may assist us in the move from blindness to sight, from penitence to praise. May we in the power of the Spirit be sent out in peace to love and serve the world.






EcoChurch Program


Participating in the Eco Church programme is one way churches can act to reduce their own carbon emissions and support biodiversity. With over 4,000 churches now registered, cumulatively we can have a significant impact. We are therefore thrilled to announce the launch of our refreshed Eco Church resources.

A huge thank you to Allchurches Trust whose grant made this work possible. We are also grateful to the many individuals who have contributed to the resources and the churches who have shared their stories with us.

Each resource corresponds to a particular question of the Eco Church survey. You can find them sitting under the relevant question in the survey itself on our online app, or you can access them via the Eco Church Resources webpage:

These new resources will help you find simple ways to take action in each of the five sections of the survey: Worship and Teaching, Buildings, Land, Community and Global Engagement, and Lifestyle. These resources will be helpful for whatever stage you’re at on your eco church journey; whether you are just starting out, 

Climate Sunday

We have had an Email with suggestions and information about Climate Change Sunday which you can read at by clicking here

St Mary's Nature Count


Back in the beginning of the summer We had a wonderful time finding out what we had in the churchyard.  Some of the pictures are displayed further down this page.