Safeguarding and H&S Team

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The Safeguarding Committee is one of the PCC Committees.


Safeguarding good practice is concerned with the development of safer expressions of care to all and underpins the love and welcome of God for all people. At St Mary's we take this seriously and are wholeheartedly committed to providing a safe environment for all.


For more information please contact Anthia Page (020 8460 1960).


Terms of Reference

Aim: To provide a safe environment for all

Membership: Parish Safeguarding Officer - Anthia Page; Vicar - Alan Keeler; Trine Hevezi; Keith Nye; Anne Yolland.


1. To safeguard children and vulnerable adults.

2. To review and implement all safeguarding and protection policies.

3. To ensure all volunteers are recruited using safe practice guidelines.

4. To review arrangements for compliance with Health & Safety legislation within the church.

Meeting arrangements:

• This Committee will meet every 2 months.

• Confidential minutes will be taken with action points and circulated to members of the Safeguarding Committee.

• A report will be submitted to every PCC meeting highlighting any decisions that need to be taken. This will be done by the Chair.

• If an adult protection or a child protection matter arises the committee will meet as and when required to do so.


This Committee shall undertake the following tasks:

1. Ensure risk assessments are completed, checked and implemented for all activities.

2. Provide procedures for safely recruiting volunteers in all aspects of church life (for example DBS, references, role descriptions etc)

3. Make referrals to Social Services and/or the Police and follow up with the required paperwork.

4. Keep the Diocese informed of any referrals that have been made.

5. Monitor and review, and if necessary, update all safeguarding and protection policies in time for distribution and discussion/sign off at the 1st PCC meeting following the APCM.

6. Keep ourselves up to date with Bromley’s and the London Council’s safeguarding and protection procedures for children and vulnerable adults, as well as anything coming from the House of Bishops and/or the Diocese of Rochester.

7. Provide adequate training in safeguarding and protection matters by using external and internal providers to all our volunteers.

8. Raise awareness of the safeguarding/protection policies and members of the Safeguarding Team within St Marys.

9. Share and appropriately act upon information (confidentiality).

Financial responsibilities:

PCC meets the costs of providing training etc.


The following people serve on our Safeguarding Committee:

Anthia Page   Safeguarding Officer (covers both children and adult safeguarding)
Tel: 07976 385132 or Email
Co-ordinates safeguarding and protection issues within St Mary's.

Anne Yolland   DBS Officer, Safeguarding Administrator and Health & Safety
Tel: 0208 466 1939
If you’re becoming a volunteer Anne will help you with the paperwork involved.

Trine Hevezi  Health & Safety Representative
Tel: 020 8777 6769 or Email

Alan Keeler   Vicar
Tel: 0208 460 1827​​​​​​

Please click here for a copy of our Safeguarding Children Policy

Please click here  for a copy of our Safeguarding Adult Policy