News from the Choir

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News from the Choir

The daily newsletter has served its purpose, keeping the choir in touch for 135 issues, but has now ceased because the choir has begun to sing again in church.

A small group of singers now sing a hymn or anthem each week during the morning service. We are grateful to the vicar and churchwardens who have enabled this to happen by their careful stewardship of the safety and hygiene of the church.

Although many of the choir are more at risk from coronavirus than the general population, there has been no problem finding volunteers to be part of the (currently) six-strong group that sings.

While it is sad that the congregation are still not permitted to sing in church, they appreciate hearing vocal music in the service. If you would like to sing with the choir during services please email Peter Fall.


Join in


Church Choir

St. Mary's is a member of the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and has a strong musical tradition. The Church Choir leads the music at all services and provides special occasions such as Christmas and Easter with a strong choral content. Anyone who enjoys singing is made welcome and can contribute to the choir.

Although only a restricted number are currently allowed to sing in church, due to the coronavirus regulations, please feel able to join the rota for singing.

Festival Choir

Every so often the choir is augmented for special works and occasions. Friends, relations and neighbours are all invited to join in these special events.

Unfortunately, there will be no Festival Choir performance on Remembrance Sunday in 2020 due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

Current News

Music at St Mary’s

All instrumental concerts and choral performances have been cancelled due to the restrictions of Covid-19.

However, it has been possible to begin singing again during services within the regulations. A small group from the choir sing at each service, and they would be delighted if you wished to join the singing rota.

If you wish to know more or would like the opportunity to take part in singing at St. Mary’s, please email Peter Fall or phone 020 8464 1239.

St Mary’s is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM).