Sunday Clubs Committee

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This is a sub committee of the PCC and exists to support the ministry for children through our Garden Church.


We meet once a term to plan our children's and youth events and discuss how we can support our amazing volunteers involved with our children's and youth work. We organise regular training evenings as well as recruiting, training and inducting all new volunteers who wish to support our children's and youth work. All the members of this committee are Garden Church leaders or helpers, so we know exactly what is happening!


For more information please contact Frances Boyden (020 8464 4086 or email)


Terms of Reference

Aim: To accompany children and young people on their journey with God.

Membership: Sunday Clubs Co-ordinator(s) - Nina Arcuri and Frances Boyden; Administrator(s) – Anne Yolland & Jacqui Harney; Vicar – Alan Keeler.

The Chair of this committee is shared by the Sunday Club Co-ordinators.

Members are recruited by the committee when a member steps down from office.


1. To develop children’s and young people’s Christian spirituality through the provision of Sunday Clubs.

2. To arrange for children to be prepared to receive Holy Communion.

3. To engage children and young people in the decision-making process at St. Mary’s.

4. To recruit, train and support leaders and helpers.

5. To provide encouragement and assistance to other children’s and young people’s events.


We undertake the following tasks:

1. Find suitable teaching and learning material for use in the Sunday Clubs and preparation for Communion.

2. Decide which adults to approach to become involved in our children and youth work.

3. Plan and lead events which will complement and develop the teaching and learning in the Sunday Clubs.

4. Review and update the Sunday Club Volunteer policy every two years.

5. Undertake risk assessments.

6. Conduct volunteer inductions and yearly feedback reviews and act on matters arising from these.

7. Plan, resource and where appropriate lead volunteer training sessions.

Frequency of meetings: This committee meets termly for planning purposes, and meets more regularly if and when required, for planning specific events. The agenda is circulated a week before the meeting. Minutes are taken on a rotating basis by each member and then circulated within a week to all members via email. A copy of the minutes is sent to the incumbent for inclusion in the papers to be circulated to the PCC. Communication between meetings occur via email and conversations at church.

Financial responsibilities:

£177.28 of restricted funding for Twinkles (as of Dec 2020)

£185.18 of restricted funding for Galactic Hobos (as of Dec 2020)

There is currently no budget, but other expenses are reimbursed from PCC funds as appropriate. Expenditure on individual items over £100 should first be discussed with the treasurer.


We will review these terms of reference every two years.



Please click here for a copy of our Sunday Clubs Volunteer Policy