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Marriage Preparation

St. Mary's holds marriage preparation events. There is one each spring but can be made available at other times.

The first part of the event looks at the marriage service and how it expresses our relationship with one another and with God. We talk about planning your ceremony. There is also an opportunity for a rehearsal. 

The second part of the event introduces a scheme called Prepare Enrich which enables couples to look at the particular circumstances of their relationship. St. Mary's has used this for many years now. We have been touched by how helpful couples have found the scheme. The approach is to show the aspects of life in which as a couple you agree and where you disagree. It is not about 'measuring' you. It is very affirming. The main aim is to enable couples to grow in their communication with each other which is one of the key skills of marriage. 

You might like to look at this short quiz on the Prepare Enrich website that looks at some common views about marriage.

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